Anxiety Schmanxiety

Conquer Anxiety, Thrive In Your Life! 

A group coaching course for driven over thinkers, with kind hearts and a love for learning who want to live life fully.

I share a hybrid of the best practices that got me off meds and took my anxiety from a 9 down to 0.

Yes! You can have complete control of your mind and your life! 

One Time Payment of $997 2 Monthly Payments of $597



What You Can Expect To Achieve:

  1. Complete control of your mind and your life.
  2. Confidence, Clarity and Calm. 
  3. Become the best version of you, so you can create a life filled with what you really want. 
  4. Feel empowered and excited about life, even in challenging situations.

Anxiety Schmanxiety Success Stories

Watch what others have to say about the Anxiety Schmanxiety Experience!

What You'll Get:

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My proven, step-by-step method. This is 8 full modules plus bonus content. It is a comprehensive approach to conquering anxiety in a way that really helps you thrive. As a past student has said "This program is all you'll ever need." 

Four live group coaching calls with me and the community. We can work through any challenges you're having, customize approaches and provide support for your journey. 

Weekly meditations to support that week's focus. These help you access profound knowledge from your higher self. People who have always hated meditating have said these have transformed their lives and continue to do them long after the program ends. 

Get ongoing support from Krystal and the community. A safe sacred space to support you on your journey. This is powerful.  

To customize approaches for you and support your progress.

Optional add ons if you want to work through challenges privately, customize approaches or explore something that needs deeper exploration. 

Because 'action is where the magic happens!'

Anytime, Anywhere

Experience at home on a PC or on the road with your phone.

One Time Payment of $997 2 Monthly Payments of $597

The Anxiety Schmanxiety Method



Your hormones are getting all messed up by lots of things and they're affecting the way you feel and act. It can be overwhelming to figure out how to reset and rebalance. No worries - we got that covered here!


Your mind can be a tough place to be, much less to control when you have anxiety. You'll learn a technique to effortlessly manage your mind that naturally eliminates anxiety and amps up your manifestation powers.


Anxiety is considered a disease of modernization. The way we live today is very different from the way our bodies have evolved to live. But lifestyle changes can be hard - Not with the way we do it in this program!


What works for some people may not work for you. Or maybe you’ll have specific challenges or perspectives you need to work through. Group coaching and optional one-on-one's allow us to customize an approach for you and work through any areas you may need additional support with. 


Unlike medication, we really get to the root of what's causing the issue, instead of just treating the symptoms. Historically, anxiety exists for a reason. It’s a sign to tell us something is wrong. We'll uncover what that is and we'll nip that baby in the bud so we can stop reliving it and can move forward with ease and joy. 


You’re not doing this alone. Both myself and others doing the program will be there to support you. The private online community will be a safe and open space, with people who get you and who are changing along with you. Scientific studies have shown that the most effective change occurs in groups. 


Module 1

Anxiety As Your Greatest Gift & The Morning Ritual

Module 2

Why The Organic Approach & The Bedtime Ritual

Module 3

Hormones, Hormones, Hormones & The Anti-Anxiety Diet

Module 4

Working With Evolutionary Biology

Module 5

Working With Those Pesky Fears & The Midday Ritual

Module 6

Your Mind As Your Greatest Ally - Mind Management Made Easy

Module 7

When The Going Gets Tough & The Emergency Toolkit

Module 8

The True You, Intuition & Meaningful Work

"Krystal your program is a GODSEND. I haven't taken a single Xanax since I've done it and I’m thriving! I’m now excited about life. It gave me so much clarity and that’s allowed me to manifest so many things I’ve wanted for so long, including my soul partner! Life is always a journey, but now I feel empowered for that journey."

Shircara Stewart
Tech Exec

Krystal Chong is a holistic anxiety specialist and the founder of Anxiety Schmanxiety, an 8-week modern mental wellness program. She helps high achieving Type A's, with overactive minds and big hearts, conquer anxiety and really thrive in their lives. She is also a personal development author.

Krystal is on a mission to change the public narrative on mental illness, from one that is debilitating and depressing, to one that is uplifting and empowering. 

Anxiety Schmanxiety is set to revolutionize the way anxiety is being treated, and to provide solutions that address the root cause. Her clients are experiencing better results than both meds and therapy had previously provided. Her method can be used in lieu of, or as a complement to medication. 

Her highly acclaimed book, "What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?!", has inspired thousands to move toward mental wellness and meaningful work so they can live their most fulfilling lives. She is frequently featured in the media on topics such as conquering anxiety, moving beyond fear, and finding meaningful work. 

Previously, Krystal was the CMO of Honey Bun Ltd, she was instrumental in taking the company public, and created the Honey Bun School Days Program, a youth empowerment initiative that reached over 700,000 students. She has a BSc in Psychology from Mcgill University, Montreal and an MBA from ISM, Paris.

"Overall, my mind is calmer and the world is clearer. The world isn’t spinning around me at an uncontrollable speed like it used to. Or when it is, I am able to detach myself from it and decide how I want to act/ react. Anxiety Schmanxiety has been one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself. I am on the path to realizing my potential and living a life with purpose, passion and control. Thank you, Krystal, for this gift."

Ashley Beaty

"Anxiety Schmanxiety helped to simplify my daily life and routines, and it started with baby steps. It wasn't overwhelming; it was a lot of work but it was well thought out and hit every part of life. It was all encompassing and educational - looking at Anxiety in a holistic manner."

Samantha Gradilone
NYC Stylist

"I can say that the program is absolutely amazing! You really come out so much stronger. Krystal makes everything so much fun. In her mini-lectures, you learn so much and they're very scientific-based. It's an unbelievable program, everyone could benefit from it!"

Kayley K
Dental Health Professor

"I’ve never completed a course with such ease and joy, especially for a topic that can be considered “heavy.” Krystal posts a new lesson and meditation each week and it’s kind of like Christmas morning – unwrapping a new gift that would help me understand and then better manage anxiety!"

Sharene Mamby
Investment Firm Manager

"Krystal's program is ALL you'll ever need."

Marcos M

"Krystal has a real talent for talking about serious things in a light non-threatening way."

Zhanna D

"I signed up for Anxiety Schmanxiety to learn natural and practical ways for managing my high anxiety. What I received was so much more. Krystal has a genuine and heartfelt approach. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she attracts only the most beautiful of spirits to her community. [Krystal’s] course material is both engaging and intelligent with a special quirkiness that only she could bring."

Melissa B

Frequently Asked Questions

What people have said: 

If you follow the program as it’s designed, you will not only release the hold anxiety has on you, but you will step into a better version of yourself. That’s what’s beautiful about curing anxiety at its root. You learn what to do to prevent it from coming back up, which means you’re not constantly managing it.

You rebalance your hormones, you reprogram your mind, you change your lifestyle, so you naturally live with more ease and joy and productivity, and with much less stress. You’ll experience drastic results over the 8 weeks, but the results will continue to get better and better after this. You’ll become excited and fearless about life. 

You have the knowledge, tools and experience to independently manage your mind and your emotions no matter what is going on. You don’t need me, you don’t need a doctor, you dont need anyone else but you after this. 

I do offer a “Journey Continues” program only for graduates of this program because participants have loved their evolution so much and wanted to continue it. This is $35 monthly, it’s a less intensive program, with a new focus each month and one monthly group call, to continue your journey of self-improvement - to keep up the momentum you will have loved creating and to stay connected to the tribe and supportive family you would have fallen in love with.

  • When you register, you’ll get an email with a link to access the program. 
  • You’ll get a weekly email when a new module is released. 
  • You watch the module to understand that week’s focus topic. You’ll also get homework, meditations, and workbooks each week related to the topic. 
  • You have that week to do the homework. Action is where the magic happens!
  • You have the monthly group coaching call  to dive further into your journey and transformation. 
  • You’ll have access to an online community so you have real-time support throughout your journey - this is so critical and one of the issues with traditional therapy.
  • Your change every week will inspire even more change the following week. 
  • Each week your progress will snowball and at the end of the 8th week, you will see and feel the difference (usually drastic changes occur by weeks 5 and 6).

"I’ve never completed a course with such ease and joy, especially for a topic that can be considered 'heavy.' Krystal posts a new lesson and meditation each week and it’s kind of like Christmas morning – unwrapping a new gift that would help me understand and then better manage anxiety!"

- Sharene Mamby - Investment Firm Manager

People have resoundingly said, they enjoyed the program because it forced them to prioritize their own self-care - and that reaped drastic benefits for them as well as their loved ones and in their work life. 

This is the breakdown of how much time you’ll need for the program weekly:

  • 30-40 minutes to watch the module and do the workbook. 
  • 15 minutes each morning for that weeks morning ritual.
  • Approx 1 hour to implement the home work into your life.
  • 1-2 hours monthly for the group coaching call.

2 hours per week. That’s the length of a movie!

EVERYONE who has ever followed the program said they were concerned they didn’t have time to do the work, but that they wanted to invest in themselves bc they knew they needed to. And they have all said they were SO grateful they did because it allowed them to be more productive and effective and waste less time on stress, so they gained more time and much more happiness and made better decisions.

You will also find that because you're using your mind more effectively, you:

- Take less time to do things. 

- Use your time more efficiently. 

- Stop doing things that don't serve you freeing up time for the things that do. 

“Now, after having taken this course and put in the work, I am so damn proud to say that even though I am busier than ever, I am more energized, more alive and more joyful than I could have ever imagined!” -

Samantha J - Endodontist.

Great question! This comes up alot! Alot of people are afraid to talk about their issues with anxiety. The world has made it a shameful thing, and we feel we need to present a perfect image. Alot of us are afraid to talk up in group, for fear of being judged or saying something ‘wrong.’ I’ve heard this concern from so many beautiful souls!

And ALL those people - everyone of them have later said - that one of the most effective things that made them change was the group call.  Why? These are what they’ve shared:

  • It made me feel unalone, and that was comforting and empowering. 
  • Anxiety is a lonely struggle, but being with others who were on this journey with me gave me motivation to commit to my transformation. It freed me from feeling alone. 
  • Krystal is so genuinely compassionate, funny, warm and nonjudgemental, that it creates such a safe space. That safe space allowed me to feel at ease being myself, something I’ve never felt before - that allowed me to step into feeling empowered as me. 
  • At first I was deeply afraid of the calls, after a few, it was the part I looked forward to the most - the meaningful connection, the ability to share freely, the jokes, the stories, the support - what Krystal has created is unique and special. And then afterward, I was speaking up at work and in other groups I would normally shy away from! It helped me face my fears in a safe space, which helped me face my fears in life!

Trust the program. It has worked for those who followed it -  It will work for you. The group calls are optional so you have the choice to join and listen in if you would like or you can type a question and Krystal will answer it for you. xo

We have two live group coaching calls per month, where we can cover any questions or work through any challenges you're having with the material, or customize approaches.

Everyone can also share helpful tips with the group if they found a way of implementing the practice in their life that works well for them. This is part of the magic sauce of the program. 

We keep the groups small, so each person has a chance to get individual attention and share their journey. They will usually be the first and third Wednesday of every month. 

My darling, only you can know that. I suggest you trust your intuition - it's never wrong. And consider - what do you have to loose? 

On a separate note:

My intention is for you to experience the transformation you seek. 

It's right for you if:

1. YOU'RE READY.. You are ready to commit to yourself. You are ready to commit to your own transformation. You are ready to change. 

2. COMMITMENT. You're ready to show up for yourself by showing up to the program, no excuses, simply putting yourself first for these 8 weeks.

3. SOLUTION FOCUSED. We all have this stage - but you are ready to move past being stuck in a negative loop, you're finished with old patterns. This is a positive space, that I protect for the special souls on this journey. Sharing struggles honestly with the intention of finding a solution and being open to receive is how we roll :). 

4. RESPECT. You promise to communicate respectfully and non-judgementally with other members of the group.

5. PRIVACY. This is a sacred space of transformation and support and my primary goal is for people to feel safe - because it's from that space they can grow. For this reason - you promise to keep anything that other members share private, as you would want them to, for the things you share. 

Note: Kindness is a necessary pre-requisite. 

 If that's you, I am so excited the universe has connected us! And I invite you to take this journey with us! And I'm so looking forward to what's in store for you!

This is a great question. I’m not a doctor. Why should you trust me? I had that doubt when I started doing this work but I knew what I had found had changed my life so profoundly, I knew others struggling like I had been, deserve to feel the same.

I had seen so many doctors who gave me band-aid solutions like meds or expensive therapy that was mildly helpful, but didn’t really SOLVE the problem. 

And now I KNOW, it is BECAUSE I am NOT a doctor why this works for people. It is BECAUSE I understand the journey So deeply.

It is BECAUSE I am a person, just like you who wants solutions that actually work and that actually make me feel good. It's because I understand the inner workings of an anxious overactive mind and the shameful struggle of it why I’m able to connect with you, understand what you’re experiencing even if you’re not saying it directly.

It’s because I have been through the journey, why I know how to take you through it. 

And after witnessing profound transformation for my clients,  I no longer have this doubt. All I have now is genuine excitement and gratefulness for being able to give people the answers they have been looking for and help them step into the life they deserve. 

“This program is all you’ll ever need. Krystal brings a joy and a love to the kind of heaviness we know anxiety to be. She quickly turned Anxiety Schmanxiety into a family and I think that was one of the most transformational aspects.” Jessica Rodriguez - Entrepreneur.

Another really great question! This program works as a substitute to meds, or if you want to use as a compliment to meds. 

Each person has their own journey, and I have so much love and respect for individual choices. But I’m offering natural and empowering solutions for anxiety because there are some who don’t want to be on meds - or who feel meds isn’t solving the problem for them - and they deserve the solutions that will. I’m offering it, because there are some who are on meds and happy to be and not wanting to change that, but want to feel more joy and more happiness - and they deserve the solutions that will help them with that. And if you’re undecided, there’s no rush. I go into more on this in the program. Take things step by step, do the program first, see how you feel and decide after that.

I WILL say though, I've had clients who have come off meds after the program, under guidance of their psychiatrist and are thriving. 

I will also say that doctors told me I had Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and that on a scale of 1-10 I was a 9, and that I needed to be medicated for life and the best I could expect to be with medication and lifestyle changes was a 7. Using the things I share in the program, I’ve been off meds for over 10 years and I live in a state of nearly 0 anxiety daily. When I was on meds I was at about a 7.

You have a right to know this is an option for you - a right that doctors and pharmaceutical industries don’t promote because they don’t profit from it and don’t’ have the understanding of it. Give yourself a shot, what do you have to lose? Don’t you feel the universe is presenting this to you right now for a reason? Trust your intuition. You’ve got one life - if it feels right - take this journey.

The only way to know for sure is to try it. I deeply understand your struggle and more than anything, I want you to release your anxiety and experience the version of yourself you’re here and meant to be.

I want you to love who you are and live your most epically fulfilling, fearless, happy life. You deserve that. It’s your birth right!

I want you to give yourself the chance to step into that version of you. For this reason, I offer a full money-back guarantee no questions asked, after the first 30 days if you feel this isn’t for you. 

Give it a try, if it doesn’t work, get a refund! You’ve got nothing to lose, but think of all you have to gain!

My intention is for you to feel at ease with giving yourself this gift that could potentially change your entire life in all the ways you've wanted.

This is why we offer a full refund if you're not happy with the program.

Our refund policy is designed to both support your journey as well as protect the integrity of the program: You can get a full refund once the request is submitted within the first 30 days after registration. 

In order to obtain the refund you would have to have completed each module and submitted each week's homework and feedback within the week it was released. This is because we'd like you to give yourself the gift of committing to yourself and the program so you can get the best results. And if you still feel it's not for you, I will be more than happy to send every cent you spent right back! And i'd throw in a big hug and thank you for giving it a try.

I’ve Made it Easy for you 

I’ve done all the research (20 years worth). I’ve tried all the methods. And now, my life’s work is about sharing a hybrid of the best practices that got me off meds and took my anxiety from a 9 down to a 0. 

 We use a hybrid of methods found in ancient spiritual practices as well as modern neuroscience. It's all in a 8-week program that makes making the change easy and fun. The peace and joy you experience will be sustainable long term and will get even better with time.

Real life people are seeing incredible results in just 6 weeks. It's about more than anxiety, it's about really thriving in life!

There is a new way of existing...

It's one where you live with so much peace and joy, empowered to create and live the life you choose to - and the universe has brought you here right now for this reason. 

Let's get you started right now my sweet friend...


One Time Payment of $997 2 Monthly Payments of $597

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